Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Enchanted" dreams of mine

le 27 juillet 2011
I've always wanted to be a....
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Fashion Designer!

Entering College, Fashion Design Merchandise was one of my top three choices. Tourism wasn't even in my list! So I took Production Design as my course in College and shifted to Travel and Tourism Management. (I'll tell you guys later on how and why I shifted) :)
One day I'll have fashion designing as my side line. That would be super coooool!

Last Monday (072511), my bespren Patritot and I watched the movie: Enchanted.
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I loved every bit of the movie. Of course, I loved watching it with me dear best friend. 

Giselle (Amy Adams), was just pure princess-like. I liked how she executed her role as a fairy tale princess who came out of the Cartoon world. Her broad way acting even moved me that I like to be just like her. To sing as good as her. (I've always wanted to be a Broad way star) To be weird. To be different. To be dreamy-ish. Haha! Crazy as it seems this is how I am.

This is a song from You Tube.
It's called Enchanted- That's how you know.
I really like this song so much! <3

I will sing this for you. :) 
My sister even thought this was my singing voice when I played it at our house.

Why not, right?
Filipinos love to sing and I am a Filipino.
Well, fine, sometimes I feel like my voice is worth listening to. What the heck!
Let's just sing and be merry! Noh? :)


This is the main thing about this entry. I enjoy every bit of Giselle's dress. Soon, I will make something like this! Yes! In God's will! :) In the movie, this was made out of Robert's curtains. I found it cute because creativity can really come out of different styles. We all are different and we all got different styles. It's just how you can pull it off. :)

I hope you, somehow, enjoyed my 3rd entry.
More to come of The 13th Avenue. :)

Merci beaucoup!


  1. Hi Amanda, if you can credit my blog and not Google Image for use of the costume image as it currently is. Many thanks!

  2. Okay. Edited. Thank you so much Jason! :)