Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My bespren Patritot

le 26 juillet 2011
My crazy best friend. 
My super blessed best friend.
My bespren Patritot (Right)
My super duper funny best friend.
My beautiful best friend.

Her name is Ma. Patricia P. Dabu.

And I love her so much. :))

She now lives in Batangas. 

We have this long distant best friend relationship.

It's hard to have your most favorite friend live away from you, noh? But it's okay, I'm getting a bit used to it. 

She's like a sister, a mother, a twin to me. And I'm sure I'm just the same with her. Sooooo now, I'm writing this blog because I miss her. :))

A photo on your left is a shot of me and my best friend. We were still in the 4th grade at that time and I invited her over for my birthday. Who would've thought that up until now we'd be the best of best friends, right?

Pictures does tell a story, how I wish I could sit next to you and just talk about anything. Make kwento about anything. :) That would be real fun, noh? 

Photo to your left was last Sunday (072411) when we came from SM Makati. We were on a taxi there going back home that's why the photo looks like it's moving. Hahah 

Every bit of minute with my bespren is happiness! You should try being with her. There's no dull moment with my bespren. Yupyup! Hahaha 
Super love ko bestfriend ko noh? :) I'm just truly blessed to have her as my very best friend. 

Our bestfriendhip ring

To wrap it all up, here's a picture on your right. 
A photo of our bestfriendship ring. Patritot has been my bestfriend since PREP and I do believe that we're going to be the best of friends up until we grow old. 

She's an important person in my life and writing about her makes me happy. 
It's like sharing my LIFE to the WORLD makes me real happy inside.

I do hope you, somehow, enjoyed reading my 2nd entry. :)
More to come of The 13th Avenue.


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