Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dear Diary

I've always had a diary since I could remember.
 ~ But what if there was a video diary? The secrets of all secrets might be revealed in just one click! The embarrassing moments of all time might just get embarrassingly scattered to the public! Life would collapse when that happens to me. I do own a diary and I own my very own blog as well. I know what not to put in this blog and what I should keep in my diary. Treasures kept only to yourself and opened up in the future when we get to forget the simple days that just passed. 

I've given my very close friends their very own diary for their birthday. They told me that they don't like having diaries 'cause there are nosy family members who secretly read the diary and next morning you'll get surprised that they knew your 'secret'. I hate family members who don't respect your private things. It's as if letting their selves inside your world without any permission. Sheeesh! So you guys out there who read private things, please do stop. I'm sure you don't want the same thing, right? :) Well, anyway... 
I told them that nothing gets better in writing down your thoughts and finding yourself smiling for the simplest reason of remembering a sweet memory. Just always bring your diary with you. Hahah

Today, I thought of typing down my random thoughts about having a personal diary. 
It works for women, believe me, and I know it can probably work with men as well. 

When angry we could just write our mad thoughts scribble them down like crazy and after a while it'll just go like--poof! No more angry bird! After scribbling those crazy mad thoughts we could just rip the page off and throw it in a safe trash bin. Yung hindi mahahalungkat ha? :) Or your choice of leaving it there in your diary/journal. It's always your choice.

My May2011 Diary (c) E71
The above picture shows my May2011 Diary that was shot last June 4, 2011. 
Grabe ang tagal na! Almost 6 months have passed and if only you could see the progress of my diary--it got FAT. Hahaha I have a healthy diary. Filled with receipts, tissue papers, movie and concert tickets, petals and so much! :) I'm getting kilig na! Hihihihi ~ 
 I love writing ever since I was little and it inspires me in a lot of ways. I don't mind having my hands real tired at the end of the day telling stories of what happened to me. Plus, with my excessive writing I learned to have a nice hand-writing. That's what other people say and somehow I do believe that I have a pretty hand-writing. :))

To check out my handwritng-- 

Amanda Noelle C. Navasero

Merci beaucoup!

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