Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Black and White

(c) Jody Reyes "Mandy Navasero Batanes Photo Safari"
Le 13 juillet 2011

I've always admired Black and White photos of almost anything actually. It speaks more to the audience. It adds drama. I appreciate a lot of little beautiful things and even as an artist with an eye, I would definitely go with a black and white photograph.  
I've been taking pictures since my mom first taught me. (Can't remember how old I was back then) I even experienced "developing" my own pictures. 
My mom taught me a lot of things especially in Photography. 
And now, I guess this will be the first step to having my very own blog of just anything that will have to do with photographs and travel combined. 

Of course there would be a lot of other things than just Pictures and Travel. I could write anything! Anything that would just make my day seem out of the ordinary. Haha

Wouldn't that stir you up? Get ready for more of my posts. I've done one post before, seen on Facebook, it is entitled:
"Sabi dito Note hindi Blog"

I found that first ever blog of mine cool. And so, I tried being here in the world of bloggers. How is it like being a blogger? Well, here I am. Testing out how great I could be in the near future. Hahah
(c) Karlo Dizon. Children of Batanes

So... Break a leg for me. This will be a journey full of courage.

Merci beaucoup/ 
(c) Lia Ramos. Le 7 janvier 2010

(c) Jody Reyes. That's me taking a picture of
the GASFI read aloud participant.

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