Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Music of the Night

The Phantom is in MANILA!

The Phantom of the Opera is a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on the French novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra by Gaston Leroux. Yup, and it is also my man's Favorite musical ever-since he was in High School. For 21 years, he has been listening to the songs of The Phantom of the Opera everyday. He's the only person that I know of, who really is almost a die-hard fan of the Phantom. Hihi. And so, ever since we dated, I started listening to the beautiful songs of this musical. Thanks to him, I started appreciating the Opera. Back when I was younger, when I hear the main theme of The Phantom of the Opera, it makes me scared and it makes me feel like there's a monster somewhere. Yikes! I simply didn't like the opening of the Phantom of the Opera. Up to this day even, it sends chills up to my spine. For 1 year and 4 months now, I have been listening most often with the songs of this musical. Oh, what beauty the Opera has to offer. My favorites are: "Masquerade", "The music of the night", "Think of me", "Wishing you were somehow here again", and of course, "All I ask of you." 
When J saw that The Phantom will be showing in Manila, we got excited. 
Well, actually, he was MORE excited. Hihi
Our show was on the 31st of August, 2012. It was on a Friday night.
It was held at CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) at the Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo main theater.
The show was simply spectacular! 
Our tickets Row C, Orchestra Side. It was the ultimate view to see the emotions.
At the end of the show
To give you a slight view of the frame of the stage


After the show, he bought me this. :)

He also bought me a pretty neat glow-in-the-dark shirt of the Phantom of The Opera which I will upload once we get to wear our "couple shirt." Hihi. So, ladies and gentlemen, watch out for it!

A romantic scene of a gentleman wearing this lovely necklace to a young lady's neck after the show

Once after you've arrived home, you'll truly have that LSS (Last Song Syndrome) of ALL the songs of Andrew Lloyd Weber's The Phantom of the Opera. The music of the night was simply splendid!

Truly madly deeply,

Friday, February 10, 2012

Draped with Faith and Love

Rosary from Jimmy P. Dumlao II, From his aunt in Germany

"...And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love,may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God."
Ephesians 3:17-19:

Words as sacred as this clashes with my little heart and
what joy it is to symbolize this by our month two celebration. 

February 6, 2012. 
Yes, the month very much appreciated by lovers, perhaps, all over the world.
In the Philippines, February is much awaited most especially by young couples, married couples and the like. I even have almost 3/4 of my family members celebrate their birth date on this special month. (So much for saving, huh?) :)) Well, if it's for the love of it all, then why not. ;) 
(We'll go further for Valentine's Day when you get lucky if I ever write about it) ;)
It was a monday. A school day. Before the sun totally rises, he calls to greet me a happy 2nd monthsary.
It was a wonderful monday, school day, actually. This only happens once a month, right? And it happens with the most favorite person in your life. Well, at least he's my favorite person in the world. 
I didn't know what to give him or what to do but I did have lots of silly (perhaps, even corny) plans.
In the afternoon, I went to Cello's dougnuts to customize a cute dougnut. With my fingers crossed, I hoped so much that he would like it. Better, if he would LOVE it. I had all the time in the world, so I wrote him a letter. *If he would upload the pictures that he took from that day it would actually help for you guys to see how cute the letter and doughnut was.*
I love writing and I love him so it was a perfect combination! 

Anyway, a few months back when we were still dating each other. I think it was the month of October when I gave him our little 'couple' glow in the dark green rosary. I got it as a complimentary token from a mass in Akic (Angelo King International Center, CSB School of Hotel and Restaurant Institution Management, 8th flr) that I regularly attend to every long class break. I decided to have two rosaries with me. One is for me and the other one is for him. I am a person of symbolism so I took the rosary as a symbol of Faith and Love for God. I told him to always bring it with him and I would check on his pocket almost regularly to see if he has it with him. I told him that if he lost it he shouldn't buy another one. (It was easy to buy another one since almost all Catholic stores has that glow in the dark, green, rosary). There was just this one time that he forgot the rosary in his other pants and I was just real sad. After that incident, (I believe) that he always did bring it with him wherever he goes.
A few months after that, with such clumsiness, I suddenly lost the rosary. Heart breaking, I know. I think that he felt sad also that I lost the rosary. Anyway, I didn't speak of the rosary much anymore but I told him also that if he could give me a rosary then I would be very happy. He said yes. :)
The little bag of Rosary that I always bring in my pocket wherever I go. 

TENNEN! There you have it! For our month two celebration, Jimmy gave me this wood-bead rosary. What was funny was that when I first saw it, I thought it was mani (Peanuts sold on the streets)! Won't you just agree with me? Scroll up again and you'll see. I was like "Awww that's so sweet binigyan nya ako ng mani! (He gave me peanuts)". Hahah but when I took a closer look I saw the cross and my heart just started to act like cheese melted in the oven for an hour. It was a warm feeling to finally have the rosary that I've been eager to have ever since the day I lost ours.

Isn't it fantastic? I think that losing the green glow in the dark rosary was a purpose. Because if that hadn't been lost, then I wouldn't have something as precious as this Rosary from Germany.

A view of the heart of the rosary (Benedictus XVI)

A view of the other side of the heart of the rosary (Johannes Paulus II PONT.MAX)

Below, is a picture from our month two celebration.
The Red Mango Treat of Jimmypipay.
(Odiba? May title pa!) :)

He took out a voucher (J's a true believer of discounts, believe me) of the Red Mango. If I'm not mistaken I think he purchased it from Cash Cash Pinoy (CCPV). Usually the owner of the voucher is Jimmy himself. But he surprised me with having my name (Amanda Navasero) as the owner of the voucher. I mean! That was just cool! What was more cool was that when I showed the voucher to the Cashier of Red Mango, they already had my name in the 'list'. I was like, "Ang galing! (That's so COOL!)" They highlighted my name and poof! There goes the yogurt! 

Yup! A heavenly treat. :)

For every P300 purchase, you could pay only P150. Or you could exchange the voucher for three (3) GCs.

As much as I want to tell more about our month two celebration, I guess all I have to say is that I'm happy. That's what important in a relationship.
Being happy with the one you love is priceless ~
That in all things, God may be glorified.

Truly, Madly, Deeply,

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