Friday, December 16, 2011

With One Look

le  vendredi 16 decembre 2011

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present." 
- Master Ugwe, Kung Fu Panda

One of my favorites. It's from an old turtle. An old wise turtle. We get to become wise enough as years of learning pass us through. Sometimes, we don't get to feel that time has already passed us by. We choose to learn or not to learn from our mistakes yesterday, it's just up to us on how to apply those of which we chose to learn and turn it into our present. Tomorrow is a mystery that is to unfold. We'll never know how our tomorrow might just reveal. 

I have a story to tell you that happened on a not so very long time ago. A recent true story of a lady who had lost her best friend's necklace instead of her life.
We may never know how people can be with one look. We can never tell if people has good or bad intentions with just one look.
This lady was walking with her two wonderful friends in the street of Pedro Gil, Philippines. She was carrying with her a plastic cup filled with delicious Milk Tea from Tea Central (Taft). She and her friends were on their way to Robinson's Ermita to buy things. They were laughing and not really bothering of what the people may be up to in the busy street. Of usual daily basis, they encountered a young man of age 16 begging the lady for her Milk Tea. The lady then hesitated because her drink just tasted extra yummy and she wouldn't dare just give it to the beggar. She looked at the eyes of the young beggar. His eyes had that shine of hunger and thirst for the Milk Tea. When the lady was about to give the Milk Tea away to the beggar, his eyes of a sweet beggar swiveled to eyes of a hungry thief. He quickly stretched his hands, gripped tight on her necklace and pulled hard! The necklace broke instantly with the force he mastered. He quickly ran away from the crowd with the necklace on his hand. People from behind the lady approached to see if she was hurt or what but she was perfectly fine with her eyes still set on where the young beggar was. Stunned as she is, a man was willing to run after that thief but he looked too old to run and gave her a look of being sorry for the necklace. It was a rather quick happening that time that she wouldn't move for a while and her friends were just rubbing her neck because of the force. She didn't know what to do, at first, but she then told her friends, "Buti na lang hindi buhay ko ang kinuha niya." (It's good that he took the necklace instead of my life) After that, she was conscious not to wear jewelry in the streets of Metro Manila ever again. ~

To your left is a gift I received from my man's mommy, Tita Carrie P. Dumlao, dated 11/11/11. I am that kind of person that easily gets touched to even the small things done. But in this event, this is not just any ordinary small thing, this is a BIG thing!

Tita Carrie just came from a reunion in the states and when she came home she got me this wonderful pasalubong.

Pasalubong is a Tagalog word meaning "souvenir".
Pasalubong is very popular among Filipinos if good relations are to be maintained. The gesture of handing out "pasalubong" conveys that loved ones or friends are being remembered. 


There goes the touchy part!
Pasalubong is given if good relations are to be maintained. This means that I guess Tita Carrie wants to have a good connection with me. What's awesome here is that we haven't even met, yet! Yes. Not yet. 

When I first opened the pasalubong, I was really grateful and thankful. I was smiling already when I was opening the box because I knew deep inside that whatever I'll see inside would be very beautiful. Lalo na't galing sa mommy ni Jimmy. (Especially if it's from Jimmy's mommy)

As soon as I opened the box I gasped, "Sosyal."
Carefully taking the genuine red leather wallet out of its box, I knew exactly what to do next. SMELL. Yup! I smelled the wallet and it has this distinguished scent of leather and "newness." In perfect timing filled with excitement, I thanked his mom through thanking him as well. Ahh yes. Owning something as lovely as this wallet that came from a person who thought of me even in the glimpse of their 
busy schedule is purely of great honor.

So basically I haven't used this genuine red leather wallet.
YOU might be wondering why, huh? Try scrolling up and read the story that I told. Yes. That lady was ME. 
You now know how much valuable this wallet to me is, right? Yup. Like what you're thinking now, I surely do not want to risk the life of this wallet out on the busy streets of Metro Manila.
Jimmy's parents asked him why I haven't used the wallet yet and he told them that I'm afraid I might lose the wallet from the busy streets just like that. 
Don't worry, I will use this wallet, just not now. Perhaps when I'm already working. Perhaps when I am already in the Glamorous world of Travel and Tourism, then I can show off this glamorous wallet to the world without fear. :)

To Tita Carrie, I offer my 5th blog entry to you. You may or may not get to read this entry but I just want to thank you so much for remembering to bring me home a pasalubong. All the more that even if we haven't met yet I am truly, madly, deeply thankful I have received this present from you. =)

Truly Madly Deeply,

Ever lost something real valuable?

Merci bien. <3

P.S. Just noticed now that this blog entry (with one look) looks as if I were selling this genuine red leather wallet. Oops. Sorry this is NOT For Sale. :)

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